Logstash keeps restarting with x-pack

Hello everyone! My team and I are new to x-pack and the elastic stack in general. We are currently trying to deploy a new elastic stack with x-pack enabled and we are having an issue with logstash continually restarting. Kibana, Elasticsearch and Logstash all have x-pack installed via the -plugin install x-pack, and there were no errors with that. However, while kibana and elasticsearch stay running, logstash keeps trying to restart. Is that normal? We are on CentOS 7, fully patched, no selinux or iptables and all 3 services are running on the same VM. This is the output that keeps getting generated in /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log


Please let me know if you need other log files, etc. Thanks for the help!

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