Logstash loses tranmission with Filebeat


I am currently using Logstash and Filebeat for our central log server and for some reason it loses a sync about every two weeks. Both servers are currently running Ubuntu 16.04, and Logstash and Filebeat are version 5.6.7. There are no issues such as power outages or network downtime that I am aware when it is happening.

Using tail for both services show that they are trying to send each other information, but they are out of sync. As a temporary solution I just restart the Logstash service and everything is in sync again for about two until the same issue happens. Restarting the Filebeat service instead does not sync the connection, so I assume it is an issue with Logtstash.

Is this a known issue with version 5.6.7 losing sync over time? If there is not a solution/answer, is there a way to make the Logstash service automatically restart if the connection is down for a certain period of time?

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