FIlebeat timesout connecting to logstash


I am running filebeat 6.2.x on ubuntu 14.04 used for gathering logs which should be pushed to logstash. However I keep seing that the filebeat cannot push the logs into the logstash because it is timing out contantly. While I can successfully telnet to the logstash server using the port 5044 which is the port the logstash is listening for connections. It is very strange since I have another cluster runing on 6.1.1 both logstash and filebeat which works great without any issues.

Any suggestion?


do you also have duplicates in logstash or don't you get any data to logstash via filebeat?

I assume I am struggling with a similar issue like you:

I have configured the logstash so that it logs the output to the syslog and I don't see anything sent. Therefore I am assuming that there is nothing sent to the logstash at all. My logstash API does not respond to any queries so my issue might not be with the filebeat but with logstash.

Could you share your Logstash and Filebeat configs and logs?

I have fixed it. I was having deadlocks disabled in logstash configurations and later configured deadlock cache which made the filebeat timeout.

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