Logstash NFLOG input plugin should be useful

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to implement some traffic analysys with ELK.
For now, I have 2 options to choose from (well, AFAIK):

  • using plain logs with LOG iptables target;
  • using plain logs with ULOG/NFLOG iptables target and ulogd2 daemon;
  • using json logs with ULOG/NFLOG and ulogd2.
    The problem is, log files for traffic accounting are huge, and CPU load for
    combining ulogd+logstash(-forwarder) is considerable.
    To get rid of intermediate logs and agents, could we have an input plugin
    for NFLOG netfilter target?
    It should be pretty similar to tcp input plugin.
    There is a nflog gem, http://rubygems.org/gems/nflog, libnetfilter_log

Thank you.

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