Logstash not working, if installed in a location where the path contains parentheses (on windows)

Hello together,

As the title suggests, with a sample path of "C:\ProgramData\Test)Test\logstash", the call to ".\bin\logstash.bat" fails with the message: "Test\logstash\jdk\bin\java.exe" cannot be processed syntactically at this point. (it fails at the determination of some Java environment variable in the file "setup.bat" which is called within the logstash.bat)

If I comment out the relevant lines in the setup.bat file, the call to logstash.bat fails at a different spot: "Test\logstash\logstash-core\lib\jars\animal-sniffer-annotations-1.14.jar" cannot be processed syntactically at this point.

If I move logstash to another location where the path does not contain parentheses, it works just fine. Tested with logstash 7.17.4.

Is this a known issue and if so is there some kind of fix for it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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