Logstash only node monitoring

I have two logstash nodes. which at this time only running logstash.
no elasticsearch runs on it. each has about 15 pipeline running.
in elk cluster I have 5 master node, 5 data node.

Currently I can't see logstash nodes in my cluster as it is not running elasticsearch.

would it be advisable to convert logstash node to Coordinating only node?
that way I can monitor logstash jvm/process etc.. and have minimum master function.

Any insight?

Are you asking how to monitor Logstash so you can see the data in Kibana, alongside Elasticsearch monitoring information?

no I am asking can I make these two node coordinating only nodes as well (logstash function will be there as well)?
will that use lot of resources?

yes currently I can't see them on my cluster health monitor because they are not running elasticsearch. They are just running logstash pipelines.

If you want to monitor Logstash, then check out https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/configuring-logstash.html

If you want to setup coordinating nodes on the Logstash hosts, you can do that too.

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Hi Mark,
either I wasn't asking question clearly or you didn't understand my question.
I know both of that you said.

anyway I am setting up that node as co-ordinating nodes as well.

my question was does co-ordinating node uses lot of cpu/memory resources?
I did more reading on it and think it does not.

Your OP started saying that you can't see Logstash monitoring information, and then asked about coordinating nodes. It was confusing, hence my comments and questions.

Coordinating nodes will use resources, how much and if it's a lot is entirely relative to your use case and the available resources. Normally they will use more CPU and memory than disk.

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