Logstash or re-index API to chose for re-indexing?

We have a cluster with the following configurations

  1. 12 nodes
  2. Elasticsearch 5.x
  3. 24 TB data

I need to upgrade this cluster to Elasticsearch 7.x
So we have come up with a plan to provision a new cluster with exact same hardware configurations as that of the original.

We need to re-index the data from the 5.x to 7.x cluster.
We are considering two options for that

  1. using a single powerfull logstash machine
  2. using the re-index API from the 7.x cluster

Which one is a better choice?
Does the re-index API makes use of all nodes (all nodes are master eligible, ingest and data nodes by default) and fare better than a single logstash machine?

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