Logstash OSS features

What Logstash features are missing from Logstash OSS (latest versions)? Why is there no documentation describing the OSS vs Basic features?


You can find that info here https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions

Thanks Mark. So on that page I think the relevant section for Logstash features is "DATA INGEST & TRANSFORMATION". Most of the features not available in the open source platform seem to be Beats modules. I don't see very much relating to Logstash specifically, except perhaps for:

Circle ingest processor
Match & Geo-match enrich processor

What else is missing in Logstash OSS specifically? Are some of the rubygems plugins not available for OSS?


What's listed on that page is comprehensive.

Are you looking for something specific?

I'm not looking for anything specific. Just a list of what's unavailable in logstash-oss (compared to Basic). That page is a little unclear to me, as most of the missing features are Beats (not Logstash) modules. What is missing from Logstash other than Beats-related features? Are all of the rubygems plugins available for OSS? Is persistent queue available?

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Centralized Logstash pipeline management and Elastic SIEM are not available on a free license.

Many thanks - that's really helpful info ...

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