Logstash-paloalto loss of data

Hi evreyone,
I'm not sure if I had to post this here or in a paloalto forum.
My logstash take the logs that are coming from paloalto, this type of log have a precise structure explained here : Threat Log Fields

But when I recive the log it show only few field.
When I do this for the traffic logs there is no problem (I find all the fields i want).

Where the data is lost ?
My pipline has no filter

If you have no filters and just a straight input to output and you aren't seeing all the expected data then I would go back to the source. I'd also post on paloalto forum.

The only way it could be Logstash is depending on the input/output plugins you used if they have a way of filtering data also.

Thank you @aaron-nimocks for your reply. I posted my problem on paloalto forum:

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