Logstash pipeline for error logs?

How can I create a logstash pipeline for logstash error logs and put it in Elasticsearch?(So I can see it in discover and see the logs from kibana/discover and analytics?

Did you look at the filebeat logstash module?

You could run it side by side with logstash and even feed it through logstash if you wanted... or just directly to Elasticsearch.

how do i do it directly into Elasticsearch?

Use FB modules such as Elasticsearch module

Take a look at the Filebeat quickstart guide and use the logstash module. Make sure you configure / enable the logstash module and then run setup as shown.

Set the output to Elasticsearch as shown in the guide...

@Rios perhaps I am missing something but the Elasticsearch module would not be correct as that is to collect Elasticsearch logs and @MLsuper wants to process logstash logs to the logstash module would be more appropriate.

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Yes, of course, you are abs. right. Was just a sample. My apology. FB has module for monitoring every part of ELK.

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