Logstash plugin

(Anmol Gupta) #1

If i want to have data from different nodes or cluster index it into ES , which plugin i should use?
My use case is i want to analyse logs from different cluster on kibana .

(Magnus Bäck) #2

Perhaps an Elasticsearch tribe node would fit this use case?

(Anmol Gupta) #3

ok thanx ... do we have any plugin in logstash??? because i am going to make log file using Log4j and i am going to feed that data into logstash .. so is there any ftp or ssh plugin??

(Magnus Bäck) #4

What do you expect an FTP or SSH plugin to do, and how would that help you? With more details about what you're trying to do it would become easier to give relevant help.

(Anmol Gupta) #5

tribe node is not clear . can you tell me about it in more detail? how to use it?

(Anmol Gupta) #6

I used tribe but it seems my system got crashed elasticsearch and kibana both are not working and it says request timeout even if i have set my settings to default now.

(Magnus Bäck) #7

Again, you're not giving enough details for it to be possible to help you. What piece of software gives the timeout message? What's the exact log message? If you manually make the same request to the system, do you get the same result? What's in the logs of the system that should've responded to the requests. Etc etc.

(system) #8