Logstash problem accessing symbolic link config-file during start-up

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I have a file : c:\elk\checkout\logstash\bin\logstash.conf
I created a hard symbolic link so that this file is linked to the location where logstash is running.

mklink /D C:\dev\elk\logstash-5.4.0\bin\logstash.conf c:\elk\checkout\logstash\bin\logstash.conf

When I run:
logstash.bat -f logstash.conf --config.reload.automatic

I get the following error:

17:25:29.262 [LogStash::Runner] ERROR logstash.agent - failed to fetch pipeline configuration {:message=>"Permission denied - C:/dev/elk/logstash-5.4.0/bin/logstash.conf"}

When I do the same in elasticsearch or kibana the apps start without any problem.

Any ideas why logstash is complaining about permissions?

regards benny

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

What if you start Logstash with the path to the original file, i.e. is this problem specific to the file that was created as a link?

(Benny ter Horst) #3

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the reply.

I found out the problem was the way the symlink was made.
I put option /D (creates a directory symbolic link) which should have been /F (creates a hard link)

Regards benny

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