Logstash problem with \

Hi every one,
I want to put the values inside a path in some field. I want to split the path so i can take every value inside it but i can't split with \ because is a special character.

I tried to replace \ with / but it didn't work

gsub => ["path","[\\]","/"]

When I use rubydebug the path looks like this:


But when I go to see the data in kibana it looks like this:


There is a way to take the value inside the path (I don't like to use Grok filter because I have to analize a path (more complicated then the exemple before) where the position of value is fondamental. I can't specify the position with the Grok filter exept only patterns, rigth?)
Thanks in advance

What is the difference between those two?

Sorry, the first one have duble \\ while the second one only .
I solved (the problem was that the path value was in a nasted field)

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