Logstash RabbitMq input plugin unable to find config file

I am using RabbitMq plugin for input in logstash and sending rabbitmq message on elasticsearch in outoput. I have created config file as below

input {
rabbitmq {
host => "ip address of rabbitmq server"
user => "mike"
password => "mike123"
subscription_retry_interval_seconds =>5

output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => [ "localhost:9200" ]

but when testing configuration i am getting error in configuration like unexpected Error: No config file found at ..Can you make sure file is logstash.config and
Some lengthy error below like

Can anyone please share sample for rabbitmq input plugin config file?

Please quote the exact error message. It doesn't sound like something related to the rabbitmq input. What happens if you comment out that plugin in your config file?

My bad .. i was directing to wrong file path ...Can you please share example of reading message from rabbitmq and sending those to elastic search .. i am not getting any error in config file and everything works fine on console but not able to receive message from rabbitmq ....

You're not telling the plugin which messages to subscribe to. You'll have to specify some combination of the vhost, exchange, queue, and key options.

Thanks this works