Logstash RabbitMQ input with SAC


I need to add SAC on a queue.

My conf :

input {
rabbitmq {
arguments => {"x-single-active-consumer" => true}
#passive => true (SAC working by another way)

The warn :

[WARN ] 2020-01-06 09:44:50.092 <rabbitmq] rabbitmq - Error while setting up connection for rabbitmq input! Will retry. {:message=>"#method<channel.close>(reply-code=406, reply-text=PRECONDITION_FAILED - invalid arg 'x-single-active-consumer' for queue 'xxx' in vhost 'xxx': {unacceptable_type,longstr}, class-id=50, method-id=10)", :class=>"MarchHare::ChannelAlreadyClosed", :location=>"/usr/share/logstash/vendor/bundle/jruby/2.5.0/gems/march_hare-4.1.1-java/lib/march_hare/exceptions.rb:121:in `convert_and_reraise'"}

And the queue is not created.

Input version : logstash-input-rabbitmq (6.0.4)

Any advice ?

Thx !

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