Logstash "Rejected mapping update", not sure how to rectify the situation

I am seeing an error:

Rejecting mapping update to [logstash-INDEXNAME-2021.08.03] as the final mapping would have more than 1 type: [_doc, doc]

I suspect this is due to me switching my template from using doc to using _doc, but I deleted the index in question and recreated it to no effect. Furthermore I have a test system with an index template that uses _doc that is not having the same issue. So I do not understand why it is happening in the one system but not the other, and how I can rectify the error.

I guess I should be using document_type in the ES output, or "doc" in the template?

But that does not explain why it works on my test system without issue...

Yep most likely.

What does your Logstash pipeline config look like?

Neither the input nor output are specifying the type. For some reason the index template is not applying in my test environment, but is in my production environment.

Have you tried removing the type from the template definition?

That is basically what I did, I created the template with include_type_name=false. The only fix I can see is to use include_type_name=true and specify the type as "doc". This is Logstash/Elastic 6.8 btw.

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