Logstash s3 plugin: Access only few folders inside a bucket

Hello Team,

I'm using Logstasg S3 input plugin. I'm stuck up with few questions. Please do suggest

  1. I have multiple sub-folders inside a bucket, by default If I give the bucket name which has many sub-folders will the s3 plugin pull the data from all the sub-folders?

  2. If it pulls the data form all the sub-folders If I want only from few folders how should I do that?

  3. If the files inside folders are modified(for some files new data will be added and few other files are modified) every 10 minutes will the s3 plugin pull the new or modified data?

Please do give your suggestions.

Thanks for your time as always :slight_smile:

@magnusbaeck can you please help?

This forum is manned by volunteers, so please do not ping people not already involved in the thread. Please also be patient.

Sure. I'm not aware of that. anyway I will not repeat.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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