Logstash takes a minute to show the help


I work with windows 10. When I try to run logstash it takes around 1 minute to launch. And I'm only trying to display the help message (-h). Do any of you knows what I'm doing wrong?

I tried with WSL (just un case) and I have the same behaviour.

I suspect a problem with entropy since adding:

reduces the startup time to about 30 seconds. Which is better but still very long for doing nothing.

I don't think that you are doing anything wrong.
Logstash on everything I have it installed on takes about the same amount of time. This includes Windows and several variants of Linux.

I'm not sure why it does this though.

I'm using logstash in a scripted way (logstash -f conf.conf) to load the content of a csv file into elastic. I often make a little update to the script and/or the conf file and want to test it just after that. Having to wait 30s to 60s everytime is a real problem.

How to you work around that? Is there a way to run logstash a some kind of server that is always running and to send it the csv file through a pipe or something?

Yes, use two windows. In one run logstash with --config.reload.automatic, and in the other edit your configuration. Every time you update the configuration file logstash will restart the pipeline and re-read file inputs.

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