Logstash on Windows: Slow startup time

The problem:
When I start Logstash from the command line on my Windows machine, it takes 3 minutes to show me the first message ("Sending Logstash logs to /logstash-6.4.0/logs..."). And it takes further 2 minutes to start ingesting a static file that is already present.

The setup:

  1. I have the pipelines.yml fully commented out. (I couldn't get Logstash to read the file, which is probably another topic.)
  2. I have a single pipeline defined in logstash.yml, pointing to a config file that is setup to process just one static log file.
  3. I'm running Logstash 6.4 on a Windows 8.1 machine (8GB, 2-core @2.6GHz). I don't see any CPU or memory spikes during this entire time.

All my searches on how to reduce the startup time take me to UNIX-based discussions, focusing on /dev/urandom and the like. I'm not sure if there is an equivalent in Windows for this, and if yes, how to implement it.

How do I figure out what is taking so much time, and what can I do reduce these times?

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