LOGSTASH to connect two UNIX server in a secure network

I've two UNIX Servers A and B. I've installed installed Logstash in Server A and i would like to read logs present in Server B. Kindly suggest suitable input plugin.

Note: Server B doesn't contain Logstash


You should be using the beats input plugin in Logstash on Server A, with filebeat on Server B, securing both with SSL.

Well, there is a small problem. I can't install anything(Logstash or Filebeat) in Server B (Due to certain reasons). Is there a way to use LOGSTASH on Server A to connect Server B via network and pull logs? If there is a way then could you please let me know the input plugin i should use.

I checked this post Fetching logs form remote host?

Particularly i don't want to install anything on Server B.


You will have a hard time with any solution that doesn't allow you to install on server B. Perhaps one of the best non-installs is to do ssh or scp to pull logs from B. Without that, there's not much you can do.

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Thank you so much. I guess i've run out of options. :wink:

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