How to read remote unix logs

Hi, i am new to ELK, can someone help me to get logs from remote unix server,i am using filebeat and logstash on my local windows machine.


Normally, folks put filebeat on the unix server. Make sure the unix server can connect to your windows machine over the network.

Thank you for the reply, i can connect unix server from windows machine using putty,but using filebeat i am not sure how to pass username,password and host details.


can you put filebeat on unix server?
it will be easy to send unix server logs to logstash running on windows.

hi harshad,

i can't put filebeat on unix server,could you please suggest me alternative.


I found below conf on stackoverflow, please try this once

input {
file {
path => "\\IP address/home/Desktop/Logstash-Input/**/*_log"
start_position => "beginning"

Hi Harshad,

Thank you for the reply i tried in my logstash.conf which is in my windows machine but no luck,logs are not transferring to kibana.

thank you

Hello @kavitajp
sorry for late reply earlier, can you please share your configs of filebeat and logstash
I haven't done this before with windows system, I will reproduce this scenario and let you know.

Also is it possible to mount common drive in between unix and windows server where logs are located !?

Could you share some more info on the Unix server? What kind of logs are you trying to collect? Could you log locally to the syslogd on the Unix server and have that forward the logs to logstash?

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