ELK - Filebeats configuration on windows and unix

(Kristina Nikolova) #1

Hi everyone,

i am new to ELK stack. I am not sure if it is good for my purpose.
We have unix servers (sunOS) where our application is running. We want to visualize the log files in Kibana but we are working on windows machines.
After reading some documentation, i understood that Filebeats can be used to ship log files to ELK server.
The question is if it is possible to install only Filebeats on the Unix machine and Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana on our windows 7 machines? Can we make a configuration that allows us to see the log files in Kibana from our windows machines?
Most examples on the internet are about unix machines, both client and server sides.
Thank you in advance!

(Ravi Shanker Reddy) #2

Its possible to have a set up like this.

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