Logstash upgrade dilemma?!

Hello there!

I'd like to update my ELK stack to version 7.1.
Still, i don't understand whether i have to turn off beats, forwarders etc.. When upgrading logstash.

Assuming that i have 6 instances of logstash , behind a load balancer, and that there are no issues about the template i'm using, and that any of the breaking changes wouldn't affect my pipeline.

Will upgrading the 6 logstash nodes one at a time , without shutting down the entire pipeline, work?
If not, why?

Thanks in advance!

Have a look here: https://www.elastic.co/support/matrix in the tab product compatibility

Are you using some plugins that are not included in the 7.1?
Are you using custom mappings/query templates etc?

Hi, thanks for you answer.
I might have misspoken. I know that Beats and so on, can still send data to logstash even if logstash is at a newer version (e.g. Beats 6.8.x and LS 7.x), thus to give flexibility while scheduling the upgrades.

What i wanted to know is that logstash can be upgraded WITHOUT shutting down the whole pipeline, as specified in the docs (step 1), if the "service" is balanced with a load balancer.

Is it really necessary to shut down the entire pipeline?

I hope that i've been clearer now

Many thanks,

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