[Logstash] Use variables with ilm in Elasticsearch output

Can you variables with ilm_rollover_alias and ilm_policy.
Current I use if else but if conditions increase with each log_type by created. Logstash will be increase time start it.

Pls support me with this case.

elasticsearch {
          hosts => [""]
          user => 'logstash-user'
          password => 'logstash-password'
          ilm_enabled => true
          ilm_rollover_alias => "stagenv-%{[fields][log_type]}"
          ilm_pattern => "{now/d}-000001"
          ilm_policy => "stagenv-%{[fields][log_type]}-policy"
          timeout => 5
          retry_on_conflict => 3
          retry_max_interval => 15
          retry_initial_interval => 5
          resurrect_delay => 3

The code doesn't appear to sprintf anything, so I would say no, you cannot.

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