Logtrail Elasticsearch and Kibana and fluentd for docker logs dificult to select container logs to display

I've configured ES along with kibana and logtrail gathering metrics with fluentd from a docker swarm cluster. Everything is working but when containers are restarting constantly I go to the Logtrail tab and click under "All Systems" button and seems that I can select from a list of all containers that have been running on the cluster, which makes it quite difficult to select older containers, I mean, from the graphical interface I can only select those that have been restarted, there is no way I can see them all.

here is a screenshot.

LogTrail isn't something we've developed, and I personally don't have any experience with it. Maybe someone else here has and can help you out, but you might have more success opening an issue on the plugin's repo.

Thanks Joe, I will try then on plugin's repo.


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