Long messages not displayed

Hi All,

I Have problem when I try to display long message 1000 caractere in kibana.
I use a data table so, some message is display but the long message wasn't display.

Do you know if it have a limit caractere to display message ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @zizou,

Can you try disabling truncation in Kibana's Advanced Settings, and see if that helps?

Hi @Larry_Gregory

I have disable truncate:maxHeight ( I try with 0 and 2000), but I have the same result .

Can you show me what you're trying to accomplish? I tested a data table with a message that's almost 6000 characters long, and it didn't truncate the message on me:

I have some document in file zip and I want to put it in elastic and display content document in kibana
the picture below contains my docuement elastic

so when i try to create date table avec numc ommand it works

but when i change i bucket in data table it desn't works

You are running a terms aggregation on the message.keyword field, and keywords by default will ignore entries greater than 1024 characters. If you view the index mapping for your index, it should be spelled out there. You could use the "top hit" metric to display long messages instead. Something like this:

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Thanks @Larry_Gregory
I use 'Top hits' and now it works fine

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