Long Query string from mysql.slowlog doesn't show on table but show on json

I already setup filebeat on database server to get slow log query and send to Elasticsearch.
but on kibana at Discover menu if query string from slowlog is too long doesn't show on table view

and I set expand fields mysql.slowlog.query is not available

but if I move to json I can see the query string

so my question how to show the query string on table view ?
and this is happen because that is a different fields ?

Which version of Kibana are you using? Thx!

kibana version 7.15.2

Since the string here is too long and therefore ignored when indexing it's not displayed: this is fixed in 7.16

So you could change your mapping in 7.15 to allow longer values

so on version 7.16 still doesn't show on table but if I export to csv query string can export to csv ?

no , in 7.16 the values are displayed again

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