Long query timeout configuration?


I've just installed the whole ELK stack for my company and now I am running into some problems, mainly if a query takes too long it will just bring my ES servers to their knees likely resource starvation.

I see that kibana.yaml has the following (default) settings:

# Time in milliseconds to wait for responses from the back end or elasticsearch.
# This must be > 0
request_timeout: 300000

AFAIK this request timeout value should be set on each search to ES as a timeout paramenter, but still I don't see it in elasticsearch request body. (On a dashboard looking at the request for a graph). Am I missing something?

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A query in ES will run, there is no timeout. The only current way to stop the query is to restart the ES nodes.

If a query is causing problems then it's usually best to look at that and see what it does and how you can alter either the query or your cluster (architecture or data) to help fix it.

Thank you very much for your reply, I am still looking at options, it might be that our ES cluster is just not big enough for the amount of data.