Looking for dotted chart to VISUALIZE LEAD TIMES between events

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Hi there,

I am evaluating ELK-stack for a few weeks now and i am becoming more and more enthusiastic about its possibilities! As we mostly log events with logstash i wondered if you guys have been looking at ways to visualize the duration between different events in a process?

For example looking at the purchase process we have lots of purchase orders with different leadtimes.
the data contains e.g. event1= purchase order, event2=receipt, event3=invoice

I would like to visualize for a whole bunch of purchase orders the lead time between purchase order, receipt and invoice.

I've been playing with process mining (e.g. with PROM-tool) and found that the DOTTED CHART is a very powerfull way to explore lead-times.
example screenshot PROM

For the hospital i am currently working for i created the dotted chart cognos with cognos:

Are there ways to do this with kibana? or are there any plans to create such a visual?

Daan Blinde

(Mark Walkom) #2

We call it the Elastic Stack these days, otherwise Beats doesn't fit in :wink:

There's currently no way to do this, there is probably a feature request to have it added though, you can probably find it here - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues

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