Stacked Timeline Visualization

Hi there,

I'm porting an application to the elastic stack which uses google timeline charting utility:

The effect is one which gives the ability to see concurrent activity stacked on top of each other. Not unlike what you see when you open the developer tools in Chrome and select the network tab.

I can't see any similar visualization available in the Kibana stack so I'm wondering if I have to still leverage my existing stuff or port it to a stacked vertical bar chart which might get me something sort of similar (with the colours stacking in a way that suggests concurrency and overlap).

Any pointers?

There isn't any out of the box.
The visualization that comes close to your needs is probably Swimlane visualization.
However, it is representing events rather than duration of processes (so no support for giving start and end timestamp/duration).
Needs modification if you want the same behaviour.


This might be the sort of thing I'm after. If I can represent the duration as a synthetic colour then this could work. i.e. something which takes 10ms is light blue/cold and as it breaks greater. Not sure how I create a 'delta' field with my start and end times though.

I'm currently exploring if in my logstash pipeline I can create a field which is equivalent to endtime-starttime which will give me a simple value to map to a threshold.

I'm still reading though, thanks for the pointer.


Hi there,

Just to close the loop on this. I did grab the swimlane visualization and it was pretty much what I was after. You're right it was slightly different and there is a bit of a nuance to it which means it's not bang on what the previous UI did that I wrote but it's near enough and is very usable.


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