Looking for much needed guidance

I am using a web hosted data analytics application that has incorporated the Painless Expression function into it's process. While writing expressions is unfamiliar to me, I can understand what their purpose is and it seems to read a little like Javascript.

I have reviewed what content I could on their, as well as Elastics site on how to use this function with no joy, which has brought me here.

Any suggestions on where I could find the best examples or tuts on how to write Painless expressions, primarily looking at pulling previous month, 0-6 month, 6-12 month, 1-2 year, would be greatly appreciated.

What sort of things are you looking to achieve with the scripting?

The best way I can explain this is by describing what I am looking to accomplish.

I have a combination of statements that return a count of specific data sets, such as a teams open and closed requests, and use these counts returned to determine the closure rate percentage for the current month.

Using this same scenario, I am also needing to create an expression I will turn into a statement and combine with the other statements, to look at the previous months data, using these counts to determine the closure rate percentage for the previous month.

The end result is to combine the current and previous month statements to determine a month to month difference percentage.

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