Looking for recommended timeouts for ES client


We're using ES 5.3. I'm looking for recommended timeout settings that will allow to quickly figure out if any of the client nodes isn't operational but will allow for very slow queries. I find it hard to distinguish between the various timeout settings so any elaboration on them would be helpful.

This is what we currently use:
private final int CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_MILLIS = 5_000;
private final int SOCKET_TIMEOUT_MILLIS = 600_000;
private final int MAX_RETRY_TIMEOUT_MILLIS = 600_000;

client = RestClient.builder(hosts).setMaxRetryTimeoutMillis(MAX_RETRY_TIMEOUT_MILLIS)
.setRequestConfigCallback(requestConfigBuilder -> requestConfigBuilder

This isn't good as the timeout we have is too long for figuring out the client isn't accessible. I thought the client should figure out in 5 seconds that it has issues connecting to the client node, but it took 10 minutes.

Thanks for your help

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