Looking for systemd startup script examples for Elasticsearch 7.7.0, etc... CentOS 7

Relatively new to ELK...

I inherited this ELK server from another admin, and it appears that it was not installed via conventional means, as there are no x.services files in /systemd/system, etc.. The ELK processes work fine when run manually, but we'd like them to start @ boot since the environment goes through frequent power cycles.

Looking for some examples of systemd startup scripts that I can use as a reference for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Does anyone have a similar installation in CentOS 7 for ELK 7.7.0?

Appreciate the help in advance.

Make a virtual box Centos VM, install 7.7.0 there using the rpm packages, steal the systemd stuff :slight_smile:


Exactly, install & copy. Can also do even faster on docker with centos7 image (i.e. run Centos 7 image, install ELK via RPM and borrow scripts).

BUT, if you were not installed by rpm, things may be in weird places - maybe was installed by tar/jar file or something, so you may have to tune things - plus v7 ES has its own Java included, but you may lack that and have to adjust, etc. In that sense, a V6 install might be more useful.

Good luck.

This seems straight forward enough. I will do that and return here to let you guys know how it went.

Thanks a bunch for the replies!

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