Loosing filter settings when changing the dashboard at v 7.9.2

Dear All,

I am using ELK stack version 7.9.2 on Debian buster (amd64)
I build 2 dashboards with a visualization where I can navigate between these 2 dashboards. I enter a filter with the "+ add filter" button in one of these dashboards and press the "pin all" button. Then I change to the other dashboard but the filter settings are gone.

I also run an ELK stack on a different server with version 6.6.1 and there it works.

So I am wondering. Are there any additional setting necessary in version 7.9.2 so that the "pin all" button is really working ?
Even the "pin across all apps" button does not work in my case.

Any feedback is welcome.

Kind regards

How exactly are you navigating between dashboards? Filters will generally be pinned as long as you don't do a hard refresh.

Hi Wylie,

many thanks for your feedback.
You are right. It seems to be how I change from one dashboard to the other.

This is the entry in the markdown section for the navigation.

[bind9: overview](/goto/cb5992867aa59a5820615d13b8bab1f7) / [bind9: flags](/goto/ab85dff9eab7de408d1063db2e024042)

When I go over the main menu and selecting the other dashboard then I don't loose the filter settings.

Maybe this "goto" is wrong ? I am quite sure there is anywhere a documentation. But I didn't find it how to do.

Kind regards

That explains why you are seeing this behavior, that's part of the url shortening.

Here are your options:

  1. Use relative links instead of the short URLs. As long as you don't do a full page refresh, the filters will be kept on dashboards.

  2. For a non-markdown solution, you can use the new dashboard drilldowns feature which was released in 7.9

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Hi Wylie,

many thanks for your tips.
I was able to solve my problem. I changed the links and now it's working. I also tried to follow the instruction how to create a drilldown. But this I couldn't manage.

Kind regards


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