Losgstah configuration issue

I begin with logstash and ElasticSearch and I would like to index .pdf or .doc file type in ElasticSearch via logstash.
I configured logstash using the codec multiline to get my file in a single message in ElasticSearch . Below is my configuration file:

input {
file {
path => "D:/BaseCV/*"
codec => multiline {
# Grok pattern names are valid! :slight_smile:
pattern => ""
what => "previous"



output {
stdout {
codec => "rubydebug"
elasticsearch {
hosts => "localhost"
index => "cvindex"
document_type => "file"

At the start of logstash the first file I add , I recovered in ElasticSearch in one message , but the following are spread over several messages. I wish I had the correspondence : 1 file = 1 message.
Is this possible ? What should I change my setup to solve the problem ?
Thank you for your feedback.

Log stash does not support indexing of PDF and Word documents. For this instead look at the mapper attachment plugin for Elasticsearch.

Thanks for your answer.
The plugin map attachment is already installed on my version 1.7.2 ElasticSearch, and I managed to index documents in ElasticSearch, but not always in a single message.