Lost index after Cluster fiddling

Hi Everyone,

I've recently started out with Elastic and had everything running absolutely perfectly on my local dev machine.

Yesterday I thought I'd get an idea of how clusters work, so I installed Elastic on my Raspberry Pi 2, gave it an IP address, the same cluster name and a proper node name.

I noticed connect messages on the console of my windows machine, in Marvel although the little summary at the top showed 2 nodes in the node list it only ever showed the windows machine and both nodes. I used the _cluster endpoint to investigate and it appeared they'd connected ok.

This morning I wake up, sit down and clicked refresh on a PHP API I was working on(using elastic) and got "No nodes available" despite the one on my local machine apparently being up and green AND the other on the Pi!

After a couple of restarts on both the Pi and the windows box I was still getting the same error so I decided to stop the node on the Pi and switch the configuration of the windows machine back to it's localhost settings(network host to

Now the index I created has completely disappeared!

  1. What did I do wrong?

  2. Is there any way to fix it?

Kind Regards


The first issue I couldn't figure out so I overwrote my elastic directory with a fresh download, set the cluster and node name. Fired up under windows and then on my Pi, they're now talking just fine.

The problem with data - Obviously when you change the cluster name Elastic sets up a new directory for the data, so I had elastic-marc.dev yesterday and when things started breaking I changed it to elastic.

I still don't know what caused the problem overnight when everything seemed to get corrupted but will see what happens today!



There should be evidence of something in the logs, GC causing node timeouts or something else.