Lower case problem in field names

Hello dear friends, I have a problem, if you can help me I would be very happy. The problem is that; I reindexed from an existing index. While reindexing, there was a capitalization problem in the field names, so I added this to the settings section and problem was solved. DefaultFieldNameInferrer(s => s). Now I want to add a data to the index I'm reindexing, and all the fields are in lower case. I was expecting it to be a camel case. I would be very happy if anyone has any idea about this problem share it with me.


Reindex do not copy _mappings, _settings or templates you might have on your old index. Maybe create another index with the settings you want, then reindex again.

Reindex API


DefaultFieldNameInferrer(s => s).

This seems sketchy to me, don't you need a function call on "s" to capitalize it?

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