Machine learning 6.7 - elastic cloud - out of memory

We are running ML on elastic cloud 6.7.
We're trying to run a few ml jobs but we're getting an out of memory error when submitting them via the API. In the current configuration that fails, we set a history of 1 month. If we run the same job with a history of 1 day the job opens and runs in real time.
My question is, if I run the job with 1 day of history, will the model's memory increase with time and it'll fail in 1 months time?


Hello Uri,

It seems that it is safe to assume that you'd likely encounter memory problems later on, but I think I'd need more info before saying things definitively, so I'd like to ask a few clarifying questions:

  • What is the exact error message that you're getting from the API. Can you copy/paste it here?
  • What is the detector configuration of the job you're submitting?
  • If the job configuration uses splitting, what is the cardinality of the fields used for splitting (as this affects the anticipated memory footprint of the job)
  • what is the size of the node that you're submitting the ML job to? How many other jobs are open or active on that node?

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