Machine Learning Data Visualizer "Error loading data in index"

I am attempting to use Machine Learning Data Visualisation - On Prem ELK stack 7.5, Basic Licence,

I have an index which is receiving log data and displaying data in Custom dashboards

However, I get the following error when I attempt to load the index into Machine Learning in Kibana:-


Any ideas?

Hello, the problem may be caused by the special char % in the index pattern name which could cause a limitation within the data visualizer feature. Can you try to reindex to a different index name without % before loading it into ML data visualizer?

Hi, I've created a Kibana issue to track this:

Feel free to add any more insights or other comments to that issue.

@mikecote, @roskamp - having an index without the % character has made the data load into the ML data visualiser. Is there another workflow for using Indices which have variables in the name?