Machine Learning Job based on Saved Search


Following scenario:

  • create ml job from saved search
  • edit this saved search

Will the ml job continue with the data from the updated saved search?



Hi Willem,

I'm afraid the ML job will not be updated if you make any subsequent edits to the saved search.
The elasticsearch query from saved search is copied to the job's datafeed and exists separately.
However, it is possible to update the datafeed query directly from the Jobs Management page.
For the job in question, select Edit Job from the menu at the end of the row in the table. Under the datafeed tab you can then edit the query.
Note, the datafeed must be in a "stopped" state in order for the query to be updated. Once the edits are saved you can start the datafeed again.


@James_Gowdy Thanks for the fast response and for confirming what I was suspecting.
Imho this behaviour is not consistent with other visualisations using saved searches.

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