Machine Learning not updating Docs Processed

ELK version 7.17.5

I am learning Machine Learning in Kibana. I passed some random data for testing purpose. I got one anomaly. But now it is not processing data

I have 3 indices

health status index                     uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   average_weight-2022.09.01 WhZIrVxaTE6YsoIXo7YMvg   1   0       3525            0      1.3mb          1.3mb
green  open   average_weight-2022.09.06 cMyIlPvQSKefwbeKPVVgjw   1   0       1435            0    767.1kb        767.1kb
green  open   average_weight-2022.09.07 k_PvhdUNQ5SbGg0p61nFIA   1   0       1306            0      1.1mb          1.1mb

In kibana machine learning i have chosen timestamp from 12 pm to 12 am. But it showing data from 12 to 17:40 and now it is 20:00

No Pattern is showing after 17:40

Without knowing your job config or your datafeed conifg, it might be hard to help you. If you are just learning about how ML works, may I suggest that you follow the built-in tutorial which uses sample data?

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