Machine Learning solution with ELK

Hello everyone,

I started my final academic project and i have to propose a solution for the machine learning in KIBANA.

Did the ML plugin in kibana is recomended?
Or can I connect the elk patform with R ?

Any propositions ?


Sounds fun! This video might help you get R talking to elasticsearch

What specific type of machine learning you're looking into? How might it be able to use the ML plugin?

hii @spalger,

thank you for your answer ! In fact i look for the 3 types of ML:
-Supervised learning
-Unsupervised Learning
-Semi-supervised Learning
I dont know yet if the ML plugin proposed by Kibana will be able to apply this 3 types of ML?
That's why i wana some propositions (for example:R Studio) to connect with Kibana..
Any ideas?

Please Help?

Note: thank you for the video : it is very useful :wink:

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