Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack

Packt has recently published Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack by Rich Collier, Bahaaldine Azarmi


You will perform time series analysis on varied kinds of data, such as log files, network flows, application metrics, and financial data.

As you progress through the chapters, you will deploy machine learning within the Elastic Stack for logging, security, and metrics. In the concluding chapters, you will see how machine learning jobs can be automatically distributed and managed across the Elasticsearch cluster and made resilient to failure.

By the end of this book, you will understand the performance aspects of incorporating machine learning within the Elastic ecosystem and create anomaly detection jobs and view results from Kibana directly.


Rich Collier

Rich Collier is a solutions architect at Elastic. Joining the Elastic team from the Prelert acquisition, Rich has over 20 years' experience as a solutions architect and pre-sales systems engineer for software, hardware, and service-based solutions. Rich's technical specialties include big data analytics, machine learning, anomaly detection, threat detection, security operations, application performance management, web applications, and contact center technologies. Rich is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bahaaldine Azarmi

Bahaaldine Azarmi, or Baha for short, is a solutions architect at Elastic. Prior to this position, Baha co-founded ReachFive, a marketing data platform focused on user behavior and social analytics. Baha also worked for different software vendors such as Talend and Oracle, where he held solutions architect and architect positions. Before Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack, Baha authored books including Learning Kibana 5.0, Scalable Big Data Architecture, and Talend for Big Data. Baha is based in Paris and has an MSc in computer science from Polytech'Paris.

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