Macos install elastic agent 8.6.1 unhealthy

I'm installing elastic agent 8.6.1 and the backend says unhealthy,What can be done about it?

Checking the status shows the following error:

elastic-agent-8.6.1-darwin-x86_64 % sudo /Library/Elastic/Agent/elastic-agent status --output=yaml
  id: xxxxxx
  version: 8.6.1
  commit: xxxxxx
  build_time: 2023-01-25 02:32:02 +0000 UTC
  snapshot: false
state: 3
message: 1 or more components/units in a failed state
  - unit_id: endpoint-default
    unit_type: 1
    state: 4
    message: 'Failed: not reported in check-in'

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