Magento 2.3.2 elastic search issue with Greek words

Hi...I am using Elasticsearch 6.8.1 with magento 2.3.2 instance.
Although in English store my search is working fine, in Greek store I am having some issues with the words having accents.
For example:


room in Greek is "δωμάτιο"
notice "ά" letter has an accent

If you search:

"δωμ" you get right results

But if you search:

"δωμάτιο" or "δωμάτιο" or "δωμα"

you don't get any results

the accent in the letter "α" breaks the search.

I tried to put the letter with accents as a synonym but no luck.

I know that this is not related to Elasticsearch directly but I can't find a developer know Elasticsearch good. I need an Elasticsearch expert to help me with the right query for these searches.

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