Major cloud-aws plugin issues

I'm following the instructions "by the book" and things used to work
without any issues. As the code hasn't changed and I even downgraded ES to
v1.4.2 from v1.4.4, I wonder why suddenly my EC2 cluster doesn't work. I've
submitted an issue here, but
it's being neglected. Can you guys help?

I keep getting the following error:

Exception while retrieving instance list from AWS API: Unable to execute
HTTP request: peer not authenticated

I used the recommended by you IAM role, but I also tried overriding IAM and
using an omnipotent AWS key - I still get the error regardlessly.

I'm using v2.4.1 version of the plugin currently with ES v1.4.2, but, as I
said, v1.4.4 doesn't work either.

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