Major New Release of My Elastic Hammer Frontend

Hello all, I thought this group would be interested in a major new release
of a tool I've been developing and using for a while now.

Elastic Hammer is an open source elasticsearch GUI/query tool. It runs
directly in your browser without any installation required, and can be
found: .

It currently sports the following features:

  • Auto-checks JSON as you type
  • Compact, auto-sizing layout, for maximum information density
  • Displays image URLs as actual images, URLs in search results as links
  • Path based API detection enabling automatic smart settings during use
  • Uses HTML5 localstorage to keep your request history

In the future I'm looking to add:

  • More compact/smart output formatting (Search results take up too much
    space, metadata could fit into a smaller box)
  • Autocompletion of indexes / types
  • Scriptable output formatting

The source code is available here on github:

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