Make all current indexes use another Index Lifecycle Management policy that has a hot-delete phase?


Piggybacking on my previous topic, Implement Hot-Warm-Cold-Frozen-Delete phases with only one node but multiple storage destinations? I created a Index Lifecycle Management policy that has a hot phase, rollsover to x days and I imagine that goes into the delete phase where it is deleted.

That seems all good but reading the documentation, it seems I have a issue with my indexes and its current policy

My current indexes seem to have a "default" policy assiged so to speak where there is only a hot phase designed. I would like switch all my current indexes so, like my new indexes, they get deleted after x days.

I seem to be confused because although I know I can assign a new ILM policy to current indexes, they dont get applied until they switch phase (which will never happen in this case)

Can someone please clear it up for me?


Have you followed Manage existing indices | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic to integrate those existing indices into your policy?

That does look intresting (more so the wildcard character). Thanks.

All my indexes are named timebased (example: "winlogbeat-winsecurity-2021.05.20" ) I already have created my ILM policy that has a hot and a delete phase. I dont have a alias (as I dont understand the concept well, sorry) How can I get this work?

Thank you very much

If you're using the traditional time based indices, you will need to change your Beats setup to use ILM.

I just noticed that I left out a very important detail.

All my logs pass thru Logstash and it gets sent to Elasticsearch. So for example, in a Logstash configuration file I have, if I set it to use my new ILM policy, it seems to work.

But the other indexes? They dont seem to have it assigned.

Right, then in that case you need to make sure all your index patterns have applicable ILM patterns assigned to them in Elasticsearch.

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