"make collect" for beat based on metricbeat overwrite some configs

Hi there,

I created a beat based on metricbeat by following "Creating a Beat based on Metricbeat | Beats Developer Guide [6.0] | Elastic" https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/devguide/6.0/creating-beat-from-metricbeat.html

Because the generated file _meta/beat.yml has some lines which includes "metricbeat", I edited it.
But I noticed "make collect" overwrite the file and put the lines back "metricbeat."

My question is:

  1. metricbeat/Makefile have a line BEAT_NAME?=metricbeat, is the file intended to be included from
    custom beat as well as used in metricbeat build?
  2. (If 1. is NO,) Is it a good way to copy some targets (collect, configs, etc) from metricbeat/Makefile to custome one?

The sample beat repository : https://github.com/shino/testbeat
The commit https://github.com/shino/testbeat/commit/5de67519c77056a592ceaab6d644104296c584b0 is the one to be overwritten.


You can overwrite the BEAT_NAME but at the moment it still puts the config with metricbeat in. I wonder what @andrewkroh has some ideas here as he faces a similar challenge with auditbeat?

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