Make return an error or error id instead of true

APM Agent language and version: Ruby, 2.9.1

Current status

Hi, currently and ElasticAPM.report_message return either nil or true
=> true


I would like to propose a change to make it return an instance ofElasticAPM::Error instead. Or at least


The reason for this, we'd like to be able to communicate an error id back to a client as part of server error payload. This would allow us to easily identify errors in ELK by id.

Required code change

The code change to achieve this is very small.
We just need to modify and ElasticAPM.report_message methods

so they return error, instead of enqueue error.

What do you think?
If you give me a green light I can prepare a pull request for this.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not in charge of the Ruby agent but I think it's a great idea which would also work well in the Java agent.

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Hi Sergey!

I'm not opposed to that. I've opened this PR with the change:

Thanks – and thanks Felix for chiming in.

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Thank you! You're awesome!

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